jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


I don't really know what's happening to me. I'm totally a winter lover and specially a x-mas spirit lover, so in a normal conditions, I'd be SUPER EXCITED about x-mas that is just a month away and all this kind of stuff. But actually, I'm missing summer and the sea so so much that sometimes I even feel kind of nostalgic.
Maybe it's the stormy weather we've had this two last weeks (raining cats and dogs all the time...) or that it doesn't feel like EXTREMELY COLD yet... I don't know, but I keep thinking of summer and summer weather this much that I keep seeking for summer related photoshots all around. And I've found one amazing like this one you can see underneath :)

I have to say that I GOT COMPLETELY EXCITED when I arrived to the city this last Monday and saw that the x-mas lights were ready to be turned on! That means there's still hope for me, right?

Pictures from FashionSalade.

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  1. My favorite time of the year is winter but I can see how these photos can make anyone long for summer.


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