viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

VS fashionshow

There's just one fashionshow I really wait for a year to see and it is Victoria's secret one. We got to see the one from this year 4 days ago on TV but I didn't have time to see it completly 'til today and once again... loved it!
It's totally a different fashionshow: it's full of happiness, smiles, joy and fun. Literally you find yourself with a huge smile in your face while watching it. Models look happy, cheerful and it's all like a big party: in fact, there has to be a point why everyone is waiting for the day the fashionshow is aired on TV, and I bet it's all about the halo of happiness around the show.

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio or Miranda Kerr are some of the big names we can see walking through the catwalk looking their best with the best lingerie of the brand: they really work so hard through the whole year to make some FANTASTIC pieces like the one Miranda Kerr was wearing this year, valued in 2.5 milion $ (two first pictures in the last line below). The costumes, full of colors and Swarovski elements seemed to be perfectly created for the angels: truly perfection.

There's something about this girls that don't let envy grow on me. In fact, I really enjoy the show and watching that lucky girls walking smiling in the runaway: they're so perfect, they truly deserve the angel name, because they really look like that. 
I've to say that the two moments I enjoyed the most of the show were those two:

- The fact that every time Miranda was hitting the catwalk, Orlando stands up to give her support.
- The "Moves like jagger" Maroon 5 performance, specially when Anne Vyalitsyna starts walking and Adam Levine walks with her holding hands and kissing her at the end, not before he lets her alone at the end of the catwalk for her minute of glory.

I'm so sorry if that was like a spoiler for those who haven't seen it yet :P it was not my intention!
Here you have the whooooole show, so you can enjoy it as much as I've done:

Have a great weekend!
-M x

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  1. i love this post. Great ideas put together!