viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011


It suddenly came to my mind that this last summer we did a shooting for a fashion collection of a friend. And I thought that it'd be a great idea to show you how it was and the result of it.

Cristina Tresserres is a friend of mine who was studying fashion design and she was doing her final project of the degree that consisted in make a collection with 5 different outfits and do a shooting. So she asked Guillem (photographer), Danae, Tania and me to help her doing it and of course, I said YES! And it ended to be an amazing experience! :)

Danae is one of my best friends ever so it was nice to be there and see the shooting; the pictures were taken by Guillem Costas, a very talented young boy who lives in the same town as me. He is REALLY good so you MUST take a look at the website he has HERE or in his FLICKR.
Tania is a friend of Cristina and a great make-up artist who helped Danae, who was modeling, with the beauty part of the project :) and finally me, I was there taking shoots of the making off and specially recording short videos to edit them later (you can see the video result and the end of the post). Of course I'M NOT a professional of that and to say the truth it was actually the first time that I was doing something like this... so I think the result was quite good if we think about that.

It was a long afternoon in an amazing place that I love, near the town where we all live. We started like at 17:00pm and ended at 22:00pm so yes, we had to go fast and fast because the night was saying "hello" to us, and you know: without light... pictures are not has good as they have to be! But we made it and here you can see some of the pictures and that little video I did.

It was def worth it!

this one is my favorite of all the shooting. It really looks like a magazine picture, doesn't it?


P.S: I'm actually going to take a coffee with Danae in a few hours. It's been a long time since our last coffee together and I can't wait! :) 

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  1. Amazing photos!

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  3. que fotos taaan bonitas! me ha gustado mucho ver el making off
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